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Park View Middle School: Ms. McCombe- Readers/Writers Workshop

Every book a reader, every reader a book.


Paper Outine

Paragraph Structure

sentence # 1. topic sentence (bees must be the subject) (also, this must support your thesis statement), so something like "Bees are important to our ecosystem because....

sentence # 2. an explanation of that topic sentence

sentence # 3. give context for quote (fthis means explaining who you are quoting and his or her credentials-name of article, book, etc.)

sentence # 4. quote, introduced with a speech tag (says, claims, writes, arguess, etc.)

sentence # 5. explain quote to the reader

sentence # 6. conclude by referring back to topic sentence, thus driving home your thesis or transitioning to the next paragraph

Paragraph Structure

Outline with Quotes

For your Outline with Quotes, you should open your Bee Outline doc and "Make a copy." Name the new copy "Surname Outline with Quotes." You will have a total of 3 sections that need quotes, 1 under each topic sentence of your outline. For your Intro & Conclusion, just leave your thesis statement in those 2 spots (I & V).

Each paragraph in your body must have a topic sentence and 1 quote. 

Quotes must be properly cited. In fact, everything you hand in for this paper MUST be MLA-formatted. In total, you will need 2 direct quotes and 1 paraphrased citation, 1 for each paragraph. (See example of a direct quote below.)

Below is a sample for the beginning of 1 body paragraph.

I.  Topic sentence. Bees may be small but they have a large scale impact on the environment and food production.

“Bees are used to pollinate many crops, for instance a large portion of California's almond crop, which relies heavily on bee pollination. Bees are also essential for the pollination of apple and citrus fruit crops" (Fleck 1). 

MLA Format Quick Reference

MLA Formatting

Times New Roman 12 pt font

Entire document double spaced

Numbers under 100 are spelled out

Parenthetical citations used

Page numbers in upper right corner, along with last name (ex.: McCombe 1)

Titles of long works are italicized, titles of shorter works in quotation marks

Heading looks like this:

Your Name

Ms. McCombe

Reader Writer Workshop

6 January 2023