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Park View Middle School: Mrs. Hawkins-Children's Literature

Every book a reader, every reader a book.


Project Description


VAD 1-1 Design – Students will use elements and principles to design and create a successful piece of artwork. Emphasis value, texture, repetition, pattern, contrast, unity and balance.
VAD 1-2 Media & Tools – Students will use new pen pencil, watercolor and ink techniques to create different values. Students are looking to create their own style.
VAD 2-1 History & Culture – Introduced to children's books and various illustrators.
VAD 3-1 Problem Solving – Students will use problem-solving skills to create a successful connection between the illustration and text.
VAD 3-2 Interpret – Students will be using images to convey a feeling, emotion or communicate an idea.
VAD 4-1 Reflection- Every student will reflect during their studio time, as well as a written reflection after completion.