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East Greenwich School District Summer Work: AP Physics 1

Work students from Cole Middle School and East Greenwich High School are expected to complete over the summer, prior to school opening.

Required Summer Assignment - AP Physics 1

AP Physics 1 students:

Please do the following summer work to make sure you are prepared for our class so we can hit the ground running.

1. Please read chapter 1 in our on-line textbook (link provided on this webpage). 

Then go to table of contents and chapter 1 Preface: The Nature of Science and Physics. Please read the four sections in the chapter as it will give you a good introduction to our course as well as some review of some basic skills in science. Following the sections, there is a review, along with some conceptual
questions and some problems. These are good problems, but they are optional.


On-line Text:

Required Summer Assignment - AP Physics 1

Required Summer Assignment‚Äč

  • Students in AP Physics 1 are required to complete the attached assignment (linked below)
  • There will be a short assessment in the first week of school that will be similar to this practice quiz.

Optional Online Courses for AP Physics 1

I am not requiring any more from you this summer.  However, if you are looking to do more, there are a couple of free online courses that are designed to prepare you for the AP Physics 1 exam.  I am providing the links below.  Feel free to move ahead as far as you like.

Good luck.  Enjoy your summer.  See you soon.

Mr. George