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East Greenwich School District Summer Work: Entering Grade 7 ELA

Work students from Cole Middle School and East Greenwich High School are expected to complete over the summer, prior to school opening.

Entering Grade 7 Summer Reading Expectations

Summer Reading Expectations for Students Entering Grade 7 

Students are expected to read two books over the summer.  One of the books students are required to read is Harry Potter and the Sorcerers' Stone.  The second book is a choice made from the list of books provided below.


  1. Read Harry Potter and the Sorcerers' Stone. The book is available free as an eBook and audiobook using the links provided below.
  2. Choose and read a book from the 2021 RI Middle School Book Award Nominees list (provided below).
  3. Print out the 7th Grade Summer Reading Guide.
  4. Fill out the title and author information for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and your second book selected from the list below.
  5. When you finish your books, answer the questions on the 7th Grade Summer Reading Guide.


  • We welcome students to read multiple titles from the list below.​
  • We strongly advise parents/guardians to preview the content and summaries of the book options before their child chooses one to read. This will help families work together to choose a book that best fits the student’s interests, reading level, and maturity level.
  • The book titles listed below are available in print, eBook or audiobook and on occasion, book on CD and portable media player (Playaway) at the public library.
  • Please note that while it is not possible for your child’s teacher to have read a majority of the books on the lists we’ve provided, the selections have been vetted by well-respected panels of library media specialists and preteen/adolescent educators.

 7th Grade Summer Reading Guide

Entering Grade 7 Summer Reading Requirements

150 print copies, audiobooks, 42 books on CD, and ebooks available at Rhode Island public libraries.  Stop by your public library to reserve a copy and check out a book.

Access to Free Books in East Greenwich

2021 RI Middle School Book Award Nominees

2021 RI Middle School Book Award Nominees