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East Greenwich School District Summer Work: Frequently Asked Questions about ELA Summer Reading

Work students from Cole Middle School and East Greenwich High School are expected to complete over the summer, prior to school opening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is summer reading mandatory for English classes?

Yes.  Each incoming middle and high school student (grades 6-12) must read over the summer. Please see the specific instructions for your grade level. 

What are my parents’ or guardians’ roles in summer reading?

Parents and guardians often find it helpful to read the same books assigned to their student, as doing so creates opportunities for great conversations and the ability to support reluctant or struggling readers. 

How will my teacher grade summer reading?

Classes at Cole Middle School have specific requirements.  Please click here for the following grade-level requirements:

High school teachers will assess students’ summer reading through a writing or speaking assignment upon return to learning in the fall.  

Where can I find the suggested books?

Every book title listed is available free in print through the East Greenwich Public Library. Some of the books are available as free eBooks or audiobooks through our school library (click on the book title link).  Some of these books are available at no charge through Kindle, Nook, or websites like In addition, students are encouraged to find their books at a local library, where print, eBooks, and audiobook versions are also available.  Students may also purchase their books at a local bookstore or through an online order service. 


Please read the FAQ first and THEN, if your question remains unanswered, please email Mrs. Izzo, English Department Chair, at