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William L. Callahan School Library: Grades 2 & 3 - Hopper Lighthouse


  Edward Hopper - Lighthouse Paintings


Image result for lighthouse painting edward hopper     Image result for lighthouse painting edward hopper

The Lighthouse at Two Lights                         1929              Lighthouse Hill                                           1927


Image result for lighthouse painting edward hopper    Image result for lighthouse painting edward hopper

Lighthouse at two Lights                                   1929           Lighthouse at 2 Lights                                1927


Hopper was born in 1882 in Upper Nyack, New York, a yacht-building center on the Hudson River north of New York City. Hopper was a good student in grade school and showed talent in drawing at age five.Hopper's parents encouraged his art and kept him amply supplied with materials, instructional magazines, and illustrated books. By his teens, he was working in pen-and-ink, charcoal, watercolor, and oil—drawing from nature as well as making political cartoons. In 1895, he created his first signed oil painting, Rowboat in Rocky Cove. It shows his early interest in nautical subjects.  In 1930, the Hoppers rented a cottage on Cape Cod in South Truro, Massachusetts. They returned to South Truro every summer for the rest of their lives, building a summer house there in 1934.  He painted the majority of the pure seascapes in the period between 1916 and 1919 on Monhegan Island.  The Lighthouses were painted in Gloucester, Massachusetts.


For a lighthouse tour :

To see the lighthouses of New England:

The story  “The little Red Lighthouse and The Great Gray Bridge”


Use these directions to draw your own lighthouse, you can make just the lighthouse or put the lighthouse to the side creating background, foreground and middleground. 

Image result for directed drawing lighthouse

Below you will see some examples of real lighthouses and student lighthouse drawings.  


Image result for directed drawing lighthouse    Image result for directed drawing lighthouse

Image result for lighthouse pictures   Image result for lighthouse pictures

Image result for kids lighthouse picturesImage result for kids lighthouse pictures

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