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William L. Callahan School Library: Grade 2 & 3 - Maud Lewis Cats (Week 8)


Maud Lewis Cat Paintings

The White Cat' by Maud Lewis at Cowley Abbott

Exhibition of Nova Scotia folk artist Maud Lewis debuts at the ...


    Black and White Cat by Maud Lewis on artnetBlack Cats by Maud Lewis on artnet


  Life and Work of Maud Lewis, Canadian Folk Artist    Understanding Maud Lewis, the Often Overlooked Canadian Folk ...

Maud Kathleen Lewis (née Dowley; March 7, 1903 – July 30, 1970) was a Canadian folk artist from Nova Scotia.[2] Lewis lived most of her life in poverty in a small house in Marshalltown, Nova Scotia, achieving national recognition in 1964 and 1965. Several books, plays and films have since been produced about her. Lewis remains one of Canada's best-known folk artists; her works and the restored Maud Lewis House are displayed in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.


You can use the directions below to draw some cats.  Try to hold your paper horizontally, and draw more than one cat, like the painting with the 3 cats above.  Don’t forget to include the background,  will there be flowers, grass, other animals?  What color will you make the cats?  Will they be fluffy?  Smooth?


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