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William L. Callahan School Library: Grades 2 & 3 - D.L. Dogs in Art(Week 10)


Dogs in Art

16 of the Most Iconic Dogs in Art You Need to Remember ALEX KATZ 'Sunny #4', 1971 Postcard Dog Painting, MAM, 6" x 4 ...

Dog Lying in Snow                            Franz Marc 1911                    “Sunny #4”  Alex Katz


Seated dog mosaic (AIC)

Mosaic of Dog in Greece                                                                                       150 AD


Hockney Dog Days: David Hockney: 9780500286272: Books   Dachshund Clube - David Hockney | David hockney paintings, David ...

 George Rodrigue, Blue Dog - Lessons - Tes Teach                Dean Russo Dog is Love Journal: Lined Journal (Quiet Fox Designs ...

Blue Dog     George Rodrigue     1997                                 “Dog is Love”           Dean Russo         2007


Artists have been making pictures of dogs for thousands of years.  The pictures you see above are all of dogs, made by different artists in different time periods.  See how different each artist made their dog painting.  Each artist had a different idea for how they wanted to make a picture of a dog.  Using the directions below try making your own picture of a dog.  Will it be realistic, (regular colors), or will you choose to make it surrealistic, like Blue Dog or Dog is Love.  You choose how you want to draw your dog, don’t forget the background. You can eliminate the floppy ears and make This canine artist paints like he's a pro, making your dog look ...

Dagger the dog making a painting                 them pointy if the dog you want to                                    

                                                                      Make has pointy ears.                                                                 

To see some different dog breed click on this link:     To see dogs enjoying art in a Dog Museum      One of Mrs. M’s favorite stories, Art Dog


Draw a Corgi Dog

how to draw a Dachshund