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William L. Callahan School Library: Grades 2 - 5: Sailboats


Sailboats in Art


Image result for sailboat drawing hopper         Image result for sailboat paintings famous artists

Edward Hopper  “ Sailing”             1911                                     Albert Julius Olsson         193



Image result for sailboat paintings famous artistsl      The Regatta (c. 1908-10)

Claude Monet  “Canotiers Argenteuil”    1874         Raoul Dufy    “The Regatta”              1910


To learn more about sailboats see link:

See a family that lives on a sailboat:

Their children are homeschooling on the boat.


Sailboats have been a common theme for artist’s to paint,  each of the paintings above is by a different artist.  See how each artist’s painting is unique even though they all portray sailboats.  Using the below directions create your own unique sailboat drawing.  This is just a basic guide for creating sailboats.  You can draw any kind of sailboat, (see video),  you can hold your paper either vertically or horizontally,  If you’d like to include more than one sailboat, remember atmospheric perspective.  The further away it is  the smaller it will become.  Include the shoreline and background.