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William L. Callahan School Library: Grades 2 - 5 - Tropical Birds (Week 11)


Tropical  Bird Drawings

Red-Billed Toucan Painting by Edward Lear

Blue-and-yellow macaw hand drawn painting Vector Image

Do you love studying nature? Then you just might want to consider being a naturalist when you grow up. This is a type of scientist who studies plants and animals.  The Tropical bird drawings above were done by Naturalists.  Naturalists focus a lot of their time and efforts on scientific research, and observational drawing, they use their drawing skills to make real world observations. They observe what is in front of them, making note of the details that make up the object, and  draw what they see. This type of drawing is used to record nature in Nature Journals.  


Below are 2 sets of directions showing you how to draw Toucans or Parrots.  Use the directions to create your own colorful tropical bird drawing.  You can research the different colors Parrots and Toucans come in, like a naturalist, or you can create your own unique bird.  


To see a slideshow of different types of parrots click here:

To learn more about toucans click here:


 Image result for images of toucans     Image result for images of toucans  

8 Top Blue Parrot Species to Keep as Pets    Image result for images of Parrots