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Westerly High School Library: Senior Research Paper

Wonder/Connect, Question/Focus, Investigate/Learn, Prepare/Analyze/Synthesize, Express/Create/Communicate, Reflect/Assess

Grade 12 Research Skills

By this time, you should be able to : Explore problems or questions for which there are multiple answers (or no answer); challenge ideas in text and make notes of questions to pursue in additional sources; build a conceptual framework by synthesizing ideas gathered from multiple sources; develop your own point of view and support it with evidence; and finally, evaluate your own product and process throughout using self-assessment, teacher feedback, and peer feedback to make revisions when necessary. Let's go!


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When you click on EBSCOhost, select "All Databases" to begin your search. You will find instructional videos on using EBSCOhost under the RESEARCH RESOURCES tab where you can arrow down to "Instructional Videos".

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Print Sources and Access

You should also be accessing Print sources - you will be expected to know how to use these in College/University as well. The WHS library has many sources that have been purchased specifically for senior research topics. 

Note: To be able to open an e-book from the WHS catalog (Destiny), you must either download the Destiny Quest App (See bottom box)  or sign in to Destiny (your username will be  wps(plus your cafeteria number - no space) Example - wps12345. Your password will be your birth date dd/mm/year. Example - May 12, 2002=12/5/2001 Note: if your month is a single digit, you do not have to to use a zero in front of it.

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Recommended Websites

For the pros and cons of controversial issues.