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Western Hills Middle School Library: Decades

Student Directions

Student Directions


This project should provide the audience with an overall idea of what happened during that decade and what it would be like to live during that time period.


Presentation must include information about the following:

A. Music/Entertainment/Recreation/Leisure/Sports

B. US historical events

C. Fashion/Clothing/Hairstyles (men and women)

D. Inventions/Technology

U.S. historical events

Food / Clothing Prices


Citing Sources with Google

  1.  Open a Google Doc

  2.  Tools

  3.  Citations

  4.  Add Citation source

  5.  Change source type to website or whichever type of source you used

  6.  Search for URL or whatever information that is asked for

  7.  Continue

  8. Add citation source

  9. Place cursor where you want the citation to appear in your works cited page

  10. Click Insert Works Cited