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Western Hills Middle School Library: MLA format

Citing Sources

You must cite a source when you use:

  • research
  • ideas 
  • words 
  • data
  • images, graphics, videos, or other media

that are not your own.

At the end of your paper, project, or presentation you will include a Works Cited page.

MLA: What is it? Why use it?

1.MLA Style Guide Basics

 What is MLA Style? The Modern Language Association (MLA) offers a way of formatting your paper or essay that is used in many schools and colleges.

How do I use this MLA Style Guide?
Students and teachers use this MLA style guide to standardize writing and to cite sources.

Why is it Important that I Cite Sources?
When writing a paper, it is a requirement to cite or give credit to the author(s) whose works you are using for research or information.

Subject Guide

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Deanna Flynn


RI School Library Curriculum Standards

Standard 3.3:  Information-fluent learners demonstrate digital citizenship by maintaining ethical decision making and behavior and avoiding the spread of misinformation in the exchange and use of information.

Common Core Standards

Establish and maintain a formal style.

Citing Sources with Google

  1.  Open a Google Doc

  2.  Tools

  3.  Citations

  4.  Add Citation source

  5.  Change source type to website or whichever type of source you used

  6.  Search for URL or whatever information that is asked for

  7.  Continue

  8. Add citation source

  9. Place cursor where you want the citation to appear in your works cited page

  10. Click Insert Works Cited

In text Citations

You should provide an in-text citation when you:

use a quote in your work

present statistics or research data

present facts that are not common knowledge

RIDE Cross Curricular Proficiencies

Practice responsible digital citizenship as a community member.