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Western Hills Middle School Library: Organelle Trail

Project Description

You are a U.S. Marshall.  Your job is to gather all of the information you can about a WANTED organelle. At the end of this “cyber trail”, you will need to whip up a WANTED poster to show to the other U.S. Marshalls in your camp so that they will know how to look for your wanted organelle too! For this project I want you to think America’s Most Wanted – Wild West style!

Part 1:  Receive your assigned Organelle/Structure

Part 2:  Gather facts about your organelle physical description, location, function, and record them on the Fact Sheet (see Handouts)

Part 3:  Visit the suggested resources to gather your facts.

Part 4:  Share the information that you discovered by creating a Wanted Poster (see Handouts)