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Western Hills Middle School Library: Reardon - Civil War


Students will create an Animoto,  following directions given by Mrs. Reardon, on their civil war topic.  Below are links to helpful resources that to be used for research. 


Clara Barton

Jefferson Davis

Dorothea Dix

Ulysses S. Grant

Stonewall Jackson

President Andrew Johnson

Robert E. Lee

President Abraham Lincoln

Mary Todd Lincoln

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Eli Whitney

Battle of Fort Sumter

First Battle of Bull Run

Battle of the Ironclads

Battle of Shiloh

Battle of Antietam

Battle of Fredericksburg

Battle of Chancellorsville

Siege of Vicksburg

Battle of Gettysburg

Battle of Spotsylvania Court House

Sherman's March to Sea

Weapons and Technology

Daily Life

Life as a Soldier

Women's roles

Medicine and Nursing


Subscription Databases

Search for your topic in one of these databases.  See Mrs. Flynn for passwords when required.

Web Resources


AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner (Information Literacy Skills):

1.1.4 Find, evaluate, and select appropriate sources to answer questions.

1.1.8 Demonstrate mastery of Technology tools for accessing information and pursuing inquiry.

1.2.3 Demonstrate creativity by using multiple resources and formats.

3.2.1 Demonstrate leadership and confidence by presenting ideas to others in both formal and informal situations.

Common Core Standards

CC.5.W.7 Research to Build and Present Knowledge: Conduct short research projects that use several sources to build knowledge through investigation of different aspects of a topic.

CC.3.W.8 Research to Build and Present Knowledge: Recall information from experiences or gather information from print and digital sources; take brief notes on sources and sort evidence into provided categories.

CC.6.W.1.b Text Types and Purposes: Support claim(s) with clear reasons and relevant evidence, using credible sources and demonstrating an understanding of the topic or text.