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Park View Middle School: Information Ethics - academic honesty, intellectual property and more!

Every book a reader, every reader a book.

Information Ethics

Creative Commons and Fair Use

It is easier than ever for our kids to download, create, manipulate and share images, text, videos and more. Though these remixes can be incredibly creative acts, some media may not be copied or used without attribution or at all without permission. 

Fair Use guidelines allow users to remix or reuse works for non-commercial and educational purposes under a variety of conditions. But how can you know if you're complying with those guidelines? Creative Commons is one way creators let others know how they would like their work to be shared. 

Check out A Copyright Friendly Toolkit (below) by Dr. Joyce Valenza to learn more about Creative Commons, and the various different buckets into which intellectual property fits. Use the resources provided here to help your children find copyright-friendly art and media to and learn how to protect and share their own intellectual property. 


About Academic honesty 

Technology makes it easier than ever to either intentionally or unintentionally use the work of others without attribution. It is also easier than ever to discover those actions. 

Check out the resources below to learn more about discussing academic honesty with your children. 


Copyright-Friendly Toolkit

CCO Image Search

Select a Creative Commons License for your work

Academic Honesty