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Edgewood Highland School Library: RICBA

2017 Rhode Island Children's Book Award (RICBA)

The nominees for the 2019 Rhode Island Children's Book Award are in! 


Students in grades 3-5 are able to vote for their favorite book from the nominee list.  To be eligible to vote, you must read at least 3 books from the nominee list by the end of the February.  Voting will take place some time in February at school


Coming soon!  Look at the nominated books that will be available in our library below, watch the slideshow on Google Slides or download the PDF bookmark!


2018 Hominees


Students in grades 6-8 will participate in the Rhode Island Middle School Book Awards.

Visit Mrs. Mills' page from Park View for more information.


The WINNER for the 2018 Rhode Island Children's Book Award was

Wish by Barbara O'Connor


Click here for a special video announcement of the winner and a message from Barbara O'Connor

The top three winners for Edgewood Highland were

1.  Wet Cement

2.  Whoosh!  Lonnie Johnson's Super Soaking Invention

3.  Wish

Former RICBA Winners

Check out the past winners of the RICBA Award below!