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Edgewood Highland School Library: Communities

Communities: Urban, Rural and Suburban

What Kinds of Communities are There?

Urban:  having to do with a city 

(definition from:

Suburban:  communities that are near a city and where people who work in the city often live

(definition from:

Rural:  having to do with country life.

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Resources for Communities for Kids

Here are two slide shows that you can look at to see the characteristics of the three types of communities.

Check out the following from Enchanted Learning for vocabulary for City Communities.

Click the City icon for Enchanted Learning Vocabulary.


Additional Activities About Communities

For extra practice, print out this worksheet and complete it.  Remember to look for evidence!

Books on Communities

The following books provide excellent characteristics of communities.

Use World Book On Line KIDS to Find Out More!

World Book Kids Online Encyclopedia has some helpful articles where you can find photographs and information.

Photo credit:  "City." World Book Kids, World Book, 2018, Accessed 04 Feb. 2018. 

Click on the picture above for an article about CITIES.


Photo credit:"Suburb." World Book Kids, World Book, 2018, Accessed 04 Feb. 2018.

Click on the picture above for an article about SUBURBS.


Image result for world book online kids

Click on the World Book Kids icon above for any information that interests you! Enter your search term in the Search Box and explore!

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