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Edgewood Highland School Library: Pebble Go


Pebble Go and Pebble Go Next are new databases that we have a free trial to until the end of the year.  Here is the log-in information you will need:

username:  rhodesland

password:  research


For the activity, you will be using Pebble Go and Pebble Go Pro to find out information.  You may either type your answers on a Google Doc or answer the questions on lined paper.

Part 1

  • Go to Pebble Go
  • Click on "Animals"
  • Choose any animal
  • Write one sentence about the animal's body, habitat, food, and life cycle.

Part 2

  • Stay on Pebble Go
  • Click on the "Random" article spinner at the top
  • Write the topic that appeared and one fact about that topic.

Part 3

  • Go to Pebble Go Next
  • Choose a state
  • Go to "state symbols"
  • Tell me the state fish, grass, butterfly, fossil, and gemstone

Part 4

  • Answer the questions
    • What did you like about Pebble Go/Pebble Go Next or what could you use it for?
    • What did you not like about Pebble Go/Pebble Go Next?


When you are finished, you may try any of the games on either Pebble Go or Pebble Go Next