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Edgewood Highland School Library: Summer Olympics

2016 Summer Olympics

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Fun Facts!

  • Population of Brazil:  Over 201,000,000
  • Population of Rio de Janeiro:  Over 6,000,000
  • There will be 10,500 athletes participating in the Olympics from 206 countries
  • The Olympics will take place for 17 days and there will be 306 medal events
  • 42 sports will be played including two "new" games - golf and rugby
  • These are the first Olympic Games in South America


 To find out more about Rio de Janeiro, click here 

Olympic Symbols

Look at torches that were used for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Torch Relay before the games!


Below are the gold, silver, and bronze medals that were awarded to the winners at the 2016 Olympics!

Olympic Mascots

More Information

Winter Olympics

Check out the video below to see some highlights of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games!



How do you play handball?

How high is an Olympic diving board?

When did Canoe slolam become an Olympic sport?

 Find out here!  


For this assignment, you will be looking up information  about a specific summer Olympic sport!



1.  Go to

2.  Choose a SUMMER sport to research.

3.  Download the document above.

4.  Type the answers to the questions right into the document.

5.  Print the document.

6.  If you finish early, use the links in the "More Information" box to discover more about the Olympics.