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Edgewood Highland School Library: Drawing

Google Drawing

What is Google Drawing?

Google Drawing lets your create custom drawings by using text, shapes, colors, and images.  It's a great tool to use to create posters, custom web banners, and more!

How do I get there?

To get to Google Drawing, follow these steps:

1.  Go to

2.  Log into your google drive using your CPS account

3.  Click on the red "New" button up in the corner

4.  Click on "More"

5.  Click on Google Drawing


How do I share?

If you want to share your drawing with a classmate or a teacher, it's easy!

  • Go to the blue "share" button at the top right
  • Enter the e-mail addresses for the people you want to share it with!
  • Hit "Done"

Remember - Think about who you are sharing your Drawing with before you share it.  Also consider whether or not you want that person to be able to just view your Drawing or to be able to Edit it.

How do I insert text?

To be able to add words, first you need a text box.  The icon looks like this: 

Click on the icon and then click anywhere on the screen.  This will create a text box.  You can change the size of the text box by dragging the corners.

After you have a text box, you can change the size, the look, and the color of the words by highlighting the words and using the tool bar.

What if I make a mistake?

Don't worry if you make a mistake!  It's easy to undo.  You can just hit the undo icon!  It looks like this:  

What else can you do?

There's a lot you can do with Google Drawing.  You can...

  • Make tables
  • Change the background color
  • Create shapes
  • Edit Images
  • Add lines 
  • Design Word Art

Take time to learn and explore.  Google Drawing is a great tool!

How do I insert a picture?

There are several ways to insert a picture.  The easiest way is to click on the picture icon on the toolbar.  

It looks like this:  .  Then you have 6 options:


Upload - You can use a picture you already have saved to your computer

Take a Snapshot - Uses the camera built into your device to take a picture of you

By URL - You can copy and paste the URL of a picture from something like Google images

Your Albums - If you have photos already in your Google Plus, you can add them this way

Google Drive - If you have photos already in your Google Drive, you can add them this way

Search - You can search Google images right in Google Drawing!


Here's another way to insert a picture:

If you need to have the website URL where your picture came from, you can go to Tools - Research.  Then select Images and you can insert an image that then gives you the URL.


Want to change the shape of your picture?

To change the shape of your picture, simply click on the picture and use the crop tool.  It looks like this:    If you click on the arrow next to the symbol, it will give you shape options.  Simple click on the shape and it will change the shape of your picture just like the pictures below!  (Pictures from