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East Greenwich High School Library: Activists / Civil Rights

A list of clubs who have websites at East Greenwich High School.

Honoring an Activist Assignment

Assignment Background:

After studying how the American government works and American history, it is clear that progress happens when citizens engage in the democratic process and in our culture to shape a more just and equitable society. Currently, America is in crisis as we seek to keep our nation healthy and well in the midst of a pandemic.  Yet in the midst of this challenge, Americans are making sacrifices to help others and themselves. From medical workers on the front lines to each of you who are engaging in social distancing, people are taking action to improve the world they live in and to offer a better future. Throughout history, people have faced challenges, worked hard, and made progress.  Progress is never guaranteed though and the struggle for Americans is to take on the challenge to keep striving for a more just society. This assignment is intended to give you a chance to explore this activism and bring it to life.

Honoring An Activist

Create a tribute to the life and legacy of a civil rights activist. 
Be sure to include answers to the following FIVE QUESTIONS:

  1. On which issue did they focus their efforts?
  2. What influenced this activist to take action?
  3. What did this activist achieve?  
  4. How should he/she/they be remembered?
  5. What lessons can be applied today?

Progressive Leaders of the 19th and 20th Centuries

Children's Rights Activists

Civil Rights Activists

Civil Rights Activists

Consumer Safety / Government / Military Activists

Disabilities Rights Activists

Environmental / Tribal Activists



General Research Resources


LGBTQ+ Activists

Older American Rights Activists

Muslim Rights Activists

Youth Activists of Today