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Garden City School Library: Grade 2 - Zoo


Authentic Challenge: The mission at the Roger Williams ZOO is to care for our earth’s animals, plants and other natural resources while showing us how to act as responsible environmental stewards. But they need our help! What can the zoo do to improve the experience for you and help you become an environmental steward?

Challenge Question: What can we create to help Roger Williams Zoo improve the zoo experience for kids while promoting environmental stewardship?


Students filled out a Google Form to let the teachers know which zoo- and habitat-related words they already know.

There were 12 words that fewer than a third of the kids were familiar with. We created a Quizlet for you to learn the following terms:

  • adaptation
  • amphibian
  • captivity
  • climate
  • conservation
  • disperse
  • diurnal
  • diversity
  • nocturnal 
  • pollination
  • stewardship
  • temperate

Animal Information - Online Resources

Type in the term you are looking for and press Search. A results page will appear with links to articles.

World Book eBooks ... can I get a direct link? Most are at a higher reading level than 2nd grade, but a few either read to the reader or have enough text features that they should be ok. 


The Animal Lives series includes

  • Amphibians
  • Fish
  • Reptiles
  • Birds
  • Mammals


The Animals of the World series includes

  • Alligators and Other Crocodilians
  • Iguanas and Other Lizards
  • Rattlers and Other Snakes
  • Baboons and Other Old World Monkeys
  • Badgers and Other Mustelids
  • Beavers and Other Rodents
  • Flying Foxes and Other Bats
  • Fur Seals and Other Pinnipeds
  • Giraffes and Other Hoofed Mammals
  • Gorillas and Other Apes
  • Grizzlies and Other Bears
  • Howlers and Other New World Monkeys
  • Kangaroos and Other Marsupials
  • Lions and Other Wild Cats
  • Owls and Other Birds of Prey
  • Penguins and Other Flightless Birds