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CMS Library: Summer Reading 2019

Summer Reading Requirements

Summer reading projects should be brought in on the first day of school.

Students are required to read two books over the summer at their independent reading level.

Students are not required to read books from their suggested grade level list.

Students must complete a project for each book that includes specific criteria from the criteria checklist.

Please use the Criteria Checklist for fiction books below for summer reading of a fiction book.

Please use the Criteria Checklist for Nonfiction Books below for summer reading of a nonfiction book.

If your child decides to do the Google Book Report for their project, please

take a look below for further instructions.

New students do NOT have to complete summer reading requirements and are invited to join the reading celebration.

Summer Reading Advisory- Please use our Readers' Advisory page to find all kinds of reading suggestions for your child.

For tips on books to read investigate links on our Readers' Advisory page.

eBook Resources

CMS also subscribes to a K-8 eBook Collection database. This database includes both fiction and nonfiction books. To access this database go to the CMS media center webpage. Under the “Research” column click on “eBooks”. Find the link for the K-8 eBook Collection.There is a “Help” link near the top right hand corner with a link for eBooks if you are unsure how to work with an eBook. Please check your device for compatibility as these books may not play on all devices. Caution: Some of these books contain mature content! The username and password to access this database from home was included in the summer reading brochure.
Students can also access eBooks through Destiny Quest. There is a screencast in the library "How To" section on how to check out ebooks that are on Destiny Quest. Students who are entering 5th grade may not have access to logging on to Destiny Quest until the fall.



Criteria Checklists for Summer Reading Projects

Please include all criteria listed on this sheet in both projects that you do. 

Rooster Game Books 2019-2020 Grade 5

CMS Book Battle Books 2019-2020 Grade 6

CMS Book Battle Books 2019-2020 Grades 7&8

Scholastic Summer Reading Program

Does your child need a little extra motivation to read over the summer? Check out the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge.

"The Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge, a free online and mobile reading program, helps kids discover the power and joy of reading during the summer. As kids log their reading minutes, they will unlock weekly milestones, earn digital rewards, and gain access to fun activities and more." (from Scholastic website)

While this program does have clear commercial ties with Scholastic products being featured it has been proven to be a real motivator for some students. You can participate in this program as an individual family. 

Local Public Libraries

The local public libraries are wonderful resources for our students during the summer!


Check out what is happening at our local libraries:

Ashaway Free Library

Clark Memorial Library

Cross' Mills Library

Langworthy Public Library 

Westerly Public Library