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Chariho Middle School Library: Getting to Know Your Chromebook

Intro to Chromebook

How to Use the Trackpad

Watch this video to learn how to use the Chromebook trackpad from How Tech!

No Wifi? No Problem!

                                                               No Wifi? No Problem!

Learn the Lingo!

The Chrome book is a unique device with some new terms and keys that you might not be familiar with: 

  • App: Short for application; Software programs that are used on mobile devices. Please note, the Chromebook is all internet based applications, but some, like Google Docs, do work offline!
  • Shelf: The bar at the bottom of the screen that holds the icons for your apps.
  • Status Area: Found in the bottom right of your Chromebook screen. Refer to this to find the time, the wireless signal, and the account you're using. Also use this to access settings for your Chromebook.
  • Search Key: On your keyboard, you will find a magnifying glass where you normally see the "caps lock" key. This will allow you to search through your apps or do a Google search. 
  • Launcher: This is the box that pops up when you click the search key. 

Chromebook Shortcuts

Zoom In: CTRL & +

Zoom Out: CTRL & -

Bookmark a Page: CTRL & d

Full Screenshot: CTRL &

Partial Screenshot: CTRL & Shift &

History: CTRL & h

Paste: CTRL & v  

Cut: CTRL & x

Copy: CTRL & c 

Undo: CTRL & z

Redo: CTRL & Shift & Z

Caps Lock On/Off: Alt &    

Increase Brightness:  

Decrease Brightness: 

 Rotate Screen 90 degrees: CTRL & Shift & 


Google Keep

Keep track of your homework in Google Keep!