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Cranston High School West Library: Bianco/Roland - Night/Holocaust

Night by Elie Wiesel - Holocaust Research Project

CCSS.RI. 9-10. 2a,2b,  W.9-10.7, SL9.-10.5 / AESL: 4. Speaking and Listening

This project consists of three parts. The first part includes research and creation of a Google Slide Presentation. The second part will be an oral presentation of your Google Slides. The third part will be an open notes assessment on all the presentations.


Slide 1 - Title of Topic/ Student Name

Slide 2 - Video link to introduce topic

Slides 3 - 7 - Informational Slides with subheadings, explanations, and visuals

Slide 8 - In paragraph form, summarize your information in your own words.

Slide 9 - Record sources (minimum of 2 different reputable sources—not Wikipedia)

Google Slide Presentation:

After completing the Google Slides, student must present information while the class takes notes.  These notes will be used for an OPEN notes test. You must record your own notes and not borrow a classmate’s for the test.


Effective use of time in library = 2-3 class work grades

Google Slides and presentation = 2 test grades

Open Notes Test = 2 test grades


Topic: World War II

  • Important Fact 1:

WW II was first fought in Europe in 1939 when Hitler started to take over other countries (explain)

-- Wanted lost land back from WW I and wanted strong military                                                                                                                                                                                  

  • Important Fact 2:

During WW II, Hitler blamed the Jews for the loss of WW I (explain why)

-- Jews were most successful; had money and businesses

  • Important Fact 3:

Concentration camps were used during WW II as labor and extermination camps (explain what happened there)                 

-- Jews killed by crematory, gas, bullets

  • Important Fact 4:

The United States did not enter the war until the attack on Pearl Harbor (explain when it happened and what happened)

-- Japan attacked Hawaii

  • Important Fact 5:

The Russian Army helped to liberate the camps (explain what they did)

-- Broke through the German front and rescued Jews

RI Department of Education Cross Curricular Proficiencies

The proficiencies aligned to this assignment include:

  • Communication
  • Research
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Holocaust books

Holocaust Museum Encyclopedia - Good for all topics

Concentration Camps - Scroll down to "Main Concentration Camps"

Good source for Jewish holidays and John Damjanjuk

Number on Grandpa's Arm

My Bib


MyBib Instructions

Directions for creating a Works Cited page in MyBib

  1. Create or log into your account
  2. Start New Project
  3. Name the Project
  4. Add Citations (+Citations)
  • To add Websites
  • Copy and paste URL
  • Click on website result
  • Try to find missing or incorrect information in website article
  • Click “Save”


When all citations are entered click the project name

  1. “Download Bibliography”
  2. Download to Google Drive
  3. Copy and paste the Works Cited page into your last slide

Adding a video to a Google Slide

1. To add a video to a Google Slide = Insert > Video

2. Search for your topic

3. Click insert and the video will appear in your slide. 

Sample Google Slide Presentation