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Cranston High School West Library: Baranowski - Civil War



All Early US History students in Cranston are required to write a research paper in MLA format including a works cited page for a test grade.

***Choose a person involved in the Absolution movement or the Civil War.  Research using at least 2 book resources and one of our database sites.

Write an in-depth research paper about what that person accomplished and why that person is a part of the United States History. How did this person change the course of our history or did they do something different?   What was the important contributions or events for which that person is remembered? 

This research paper will be graded using the District-wide rubric for Informative writing.

Suggestion: Be sure to include a strong introduction.  It should inform the reader to the topic, timeframe and the person you chose followed by what was their historical significance. 

Then you should have the main body (a few paragraphs) followed up by a conclusion

We will have 3 days in the library where Mrs. Evje will help you find resources to get you started, and finally review the MLA format with you.   Friday 2-9, Wednesday 2-14 and Friday 2-16.

NOTICE : This essay will be done outside of school. You have until the Monday after February vacation to perfect your paper.

This assignment must be typed and in MLA format for full credit.  Below I have included a checklist for your convenience.

Topic selected


Gather information


Organize research


Rough draft


Edit (spelling, grammar, citations etc.)


Works cited page


Final copy




William Lloyd Garrison               Dred Scott                               Sojourner Truth
Harriet Tubman                          Daniel Webster                        Harriet Beecher Stowe
Frederick Douglass                    John Brown                              Nat Turner
Clara Barton                               Dorothea Dix                            Theodore Weld
Jefferson Davis                           Ulysses S. Grant                      Stonewall Jackson
Robert E. Lee                             William Tecumseh Sherman


 When signing up for EasyBib, use your

cpsed e-mail and password.

ABC-CLIO Social Studies Databases


MLA Format and Style Guide

Youtube Video - MLA format with Google Docs